Project and Construction Manager Performance Support Journey

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As the energy provision business adapts and thrives, the best project managers know that project success is no longer only defined by delivering a project on time and on-budget. They recognise that safety decisions stretch beyond the project delivery date.
  • How do they balance project objectives against asset’s long term plans for warranty and post-warranty phase? 
  • What support and resources are required to support them in delivering the best possible results on-time and on-budget?
  • How do they ensure quality, conformance and clear interface management when the network of consultants and contractors they interact with becomes more complex every day?
ARMSA Academy’s performance support sprints ensure project managers are equipped to deal with complexities of high-value projects, injecting clarity into their decision-making process in real-time. 
Experience the project manager’s performance support journey. 
This product contains

The effect of contracting strategies on risk

Principles of Prevention - demo